is systematic patient data management software for ayurvedic doctors.

This ayurvedic software is a very useful web application for doctors in daily practice to manage patient prescription, document and many more. You can access it from everywhere.

Why you need it?

Many times when patients come to consultation, they often ask question? Have you treated any patient like me? Sometimes the answer is yes but with words, not with work.

Many times when patients come to take medicines, it is not available, not because of short supply, but a little difficult to manage stock manually.

Many times when the doctor wants to do self-analyses that how many patients were cured by his treatment? He is unable to say anything and evaluate his personal growth.

Many times, doctor want to get in touch with patient and do regular follow up but it becomes difficult for him to check all case paper.

Considering all this problems, we decided to develop software for ayurvedic practitioners which fulfil all requirements at one platform. It took two years to research and develop it.

So why are you waiting for? Why

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